Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This morning during journal writing Emma asked me, "Ms. Lawson, how do you spell marry?" Now normally I am eager to help out right away with sounding out the blends so they can make an attempt on their own, however, instead of being drawn to the spelling of the word as usual, I was immediately drawn to the reason for the writing the word.

I walked over to her journal page, and this it what I saw. "Samuel and me. Samuel, i<3 u. I want ..."

Deciding that I will help her with this word and then show her parents after class, I reminded her we are just friends in this class. She said, "I know. It's just pretend," and proceeded to sound out and write the word marry.

I feel it only fitting to mention this is the same girl who asked me last week, "You should get married and have babies. Then you can bring the baby to school and we can play with it for choice time!"

In the end, I am guilty of her writing such a story. While working for quite some time the day before she had only illustrated her story and written, "Samuel and me." Knowing that she was capable of quite a bit more I asked her to add details to her story so that the reader knows more about it. Consequently, the details turned into dreams about marriage.

Apparently she's not the only five year old planning their future:

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