Thursday, January 12, 2012


I feel incredibly blessed to be continually encouraged by my five year old Kindergarten students. I never knew I needed it, but the confidence they have in me puts a huge smile on my face.

Yesterday, while singing a song that I didn't know the hand motions to, I stopped in the middle of the song and pronounced, "I have an idea!" One dear friend seemingly shocked that I could come up with ideas on my own carefully questioned, "You have an idea!?"

Assuring them I did, but that they would have to sit in their seats to find out, they cheered in awe, "Yay! Ms. Lawson has an idea! This is going to be so good! Hide your eyes everybody!"

And just as I turned around to put in the hand motions spelling DVD, all ten friends were hiding their eyes with giggles and excitement. It turned out that my idea was so good they actually wanted to keep singing every spelling song on the DVD. I couldn't help but them them sing a few extra.

Then again today, while preparing their science lesson in front of them, Jennifer smiled, looked up at me and said, "You're a genius Ms. Lawson." Caught off guard, all I could do was beam with joy and say thank you. With compliments like this all day, it's sure hard to stay humbled.

While finally participating in the same activity which helped teach primary and secondary colors through hands-on discovery, Natalie said with so much love in her heart, "Ms. Lawson, this is a great center idea." Flattered again, I smiled and said, "I'm so glad you're having fun."

They pour into me as much as I do to them. Full of giving compliments to me all day long, I can only hope that this was led by my example. The positive environment we share together certainly makes learning fun and hearts happy. I am thankful everyday to be a part of it.

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