Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Glitter Glue.

Glitter just seems to be the biggest hit in my classroom this year. They get more excited about glitter than they do about recess or candy. Glitter is so exciting for them in fact, that whenever we do a craft, they jump up and down expecting that glitter is going to be next. As a side note, I usually buy dry glitter and sprinkle it over their white glued designs. It turns out to be quite the mess, but I'm not scared of messes. If I was, I would not be teaching Kindergarten! Depending on the craft, I usually comply with their glitter requests, but one day I informed them that glitter would not be next. Pure disappointment struck the entire classroom. Of course they loved what their project looked like without it, but it seems that nothing is quite complete without glitter. That is, until they met "Glitter Glue".

The excitement began with shoebox after shoebox coming in to our classroom. These shoe boxes would be used for our mailboxes to deliver all of our Valentine's in. For weeks prior to our final project I had eager faces asking, "When can we decorate them?!"

"When we get all of them in," I told them. Not even one munchkin knew the surprise I had coming for them.

The day came when all eight shoe boxes arrived. I announced to them that we would be decorating them the next day, but first I was sending them home with a parent to get them wrapped in white paper. That night, I had all the supplies ready, but made one last stop to the craft store for glitter. I went above and beyond with glitter and instead of buying dry glitter, I found glitter glue. I knew this would be thrilling for them. I picked out four at first, but I thought I'd really give them a thrill with eight different colors. OK, so perhaps I wanted to save myself the headache of fighting over who gets to the glitter glue first. I like to think ahead. :)

I placed all the supplies in a clear plastic container. Saving the best for last, I stored the glitter glue at the bottom. They spotted it right away. I pulled out every other supply first, and the anticipation was driving them nuts. "Glitter glue! Look! Teacher got us glitter glue!" Shortly a
fter, I let them go free with all the supplies they could have ever imagined.

We had a blast. I enjoyed myself so much that I happened to be the only one who ended up with glitter glue on their pants. "Miss Molly, you look cool," a friend told me. I never could have imagined that I would be cool because of glitter glue.

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