Thursday, February 4, 2010


It had only been a few minutes into class today before my sprouts noticed something different about me. I wasn't wearing glasses. I mentioned to them that today I happened to be wearing contact lenses so they didn't need to be concerned. I could still see the same. They were not impressed.

I could see their minds working until one student boldy stated, "You look different."

Intrigued to see where this would take us I prodded, "What do I look like?"

"You look weird."
"You look like an alien."
"You look like the hulk."

"You look like your mom."

I suppose it's no question which of these answers were from boys, yet I still can't help but think, am I looking a little green today? Letting their minds think a little more I just smiled.

"How do you get them in?" another asked.

"Well," knowing the process was a little more complicated than one might explain to a five year old, I decided to keep it simple and continued, "I put the lense on my finger and then put the lense directly onto my eye."

The look on their faces at this point amused me. I saw varying looks of pure confusion, disgust, and fright. I'm not sure if I heard an "ew" or an "ouch" next, but more than likely both were said. To them, the process seems quite gross and painful. I knew they would interpret it like this. After all, I suppose shoving your finger in your eye never did sound quite pleasant to anyone.

Tomorrow, I'm wearing glasses.

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